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Boost your hotel

The “boost your hotel” category presents in each of its articles relevant information related to tips and key practices to always be in the right place for the client’s search. The offer of accommodation services is very large and being able to differentiate and apply effective marketing strategies is what guarantees the success of a hotel establishment. This section is definitely one of the most important, as it will help anyone interested in taking a leap in value towards increased sales.

Articles such as the way in which room rates should be calculated, depending on the characteristics of the place and its services. Also, studies that must be made about the offer that exists around the hotel so as not to be left out of the options of future guests and articles on how to make a good income forecast according to historical data are some of the blogs that can be found in the Marketing section for hotels.

Last but not least, a variety of information on marketing tips for hotels, such as the characteristics of the new traveler, how to use social networks efficiently, handling reviews on different platforms, among other texts of great informative value.