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How to List Your Hotel on Expedia in 10 Easy Steps

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 22 Oct, 2021
publicar hotel en expedia
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5/5 - (1 vote)

Like some of the other platforms that we have already talked about in previous blogs, Expedia is one of the most relevant platforms in the world of travel. That is why, regardless of the type of accommodation you have, it is extremely important that you become part of this OTA and that your products are published here. Not only will it bring you new reservations, but it will also create trust in customers looking for your hotel. 

In the following guide made by the software for small and medium hotels, LobbyPMS, we will show you how you can list your hotel on Expedia in 10 easy steps. 

Before we begin, we have created this list of tasks and information that you should have on hand to start the configuration:

  • Have the name of your establishment ready.
  • Previously define an email to register on the platform. Here you will receive the reservations and communications of the channel.
  • Organize the information regarding the types of rooms you will have available and the number of them. Also, have ready the types of beds that you will have in each of them.
  • It is important that you can leave the information of the size of the rooms in square meters.
  • Defined whether or not you are going to offer breakfast and the languages that the person at the establishment speaks. Also be clear about the services it will offer: wifi, 24-hour reception, swimming pool, among others.
  • Set check-in and check-out times
  • Define if you are going to receive children, pets and if they will have an additional value.
  • Ask your bank for the remote payment option. This will allow you to charge for reservations when guests leave their card details on the platforms. If you still do not have it, no problem, you can start under the mode of payment in person. This modality means that people will pay when they arrive at the establishment and then the commissions corresponding to the channel will be paid.
  • You will need the RUT and be clear about whether it is a simple or common regimen. Also, have the company name to which you are going to bill at hand. If you later want to modify the information, you can do it without problem, but keep in mind that this process takes approximately 1 month.
  • It is required to have at least 4 photos for each type of room and 2 photos of the bathroom. In total there are 6 photos per room.

With all the information ready, we continue with the step by step on how to create a profile on Expedia from scratch:

 1. The first thing to do is go to Expedia’s public page: https://www.expedia.com/ and click on “advertise a property”.

Hotel en Expedia

2.   Then Expedia will send you to a new page where it will ask you to indicate whether the type of property you are registering is an accommodation or a private residence.

Subir hotel

3.  When selecting any of the two previous options, the system will ask you: location of your accommodation, name of the property, type of property, number of rooms, the type of currency you are going to set your accommodation, if you handle any type of connection with a Channel Manager (like LobbyPMS, for example) and if its property is part of a hotel chain or if it is managed by the same owner. Finally, it will request the information of the owner of the accommodation: Name, telephone, and e-mail.

Publicar Su Hotel en Expedia

If your business is “Lodging”, you will have to choose between hotel, motel, bed, and breakfast. If it is a Private residence, the following options will appear Private house, apartment, or vacation home.

The first option question “yes or no” refers to whether it manages a system that centralizes all the operations of the OTAs.

Keep in mind that all the information registered here is modifiable.

4.  Upon completion of enrollment, Expedia will send you an email to your registered email to begin setting up your property and listing your hotel on Expedia. 

5.  When entering the platform with the data provided via e-mail, Expedia will ask you to fill 6 points to complete the configuration.

5.1.  Property contract: Keep in mind that the contract varies according to the type of property, country, and negotiation. In this case, the exercise was made with an independent hotel in Colombia.

Publicar Su Hotel en Expedia

5.2. Policies and configuration: In this module, you will be asked general information about the accommodation: languages they speak, means of payment, cancellation policy, among others.

5.3. Property services: In this section, you will be asked about the different services you provide in your accommodation. This will allow you to list your hotel on Expedia.

5.4. Rooms and Rates: At this point, the first thing they will ask you is whether prices are charged per room or per occupancy. This refers to:

  • Prices per Room: If the value charged to the client is the same regardless of the number of people who stay in it.
  • Prices per Occupancy: If the value of the room varies depending on the number of people staying in it.

After verifying the above information, the rooms can be created:

Publicar Su Hotel en Expedia

In the room category, you can select if it is a basic, superior, suite, deluxe room, among other options.

Publicar Su Hotel en Expedia

Here you can select the type of bed (s) that the room has, for example, Single, King, Queen, among others.

NOTE: Please note that you will be able to create different room categories for a single property. Likewise, you can have the number of rates you want. It is recommended to simplify room types and rates so that at the time of booking, the guest has the fairest possible options.

5.5. Photos: In this step, you can upload all the photos you have of the rooms with their respective bathrooms. Remember that it is required to have at least 4 photos for each type of room and 2 photos of the bathroom. In total there are 6 photos per room.

Publicar Su Hotel en Expedia

5.6. Property Summary: Lastly, Expedia will summarize your configuration, and the property will be reviewed by the channel team to register the property.

With this information already registered on the platform and with the property registered, you will finally be able to publish your hotel on Expedia. It is important to note that all the information you enter will always be editable.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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