PMS software for small properties

Lobby is an easy-to-use online platform that helps you to increase direct bookings and simplifies the administration of your property.

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Ideal for all types of accommodation. Hotels, hostels, apartments, glamping, cabins and B&B

1- Simplify daily operations

A digital calendar to manage all reservations, functionalities to control the accounts of each guest, print invoices, sell products, control inventories and print reports.

2- Synchronize your sales channels

Eliminate overbookings and boost your sales channels by keeping all inventory in sync and updating rates easily from a single interface.

3- Increase your direct bookings without paying commissions

We implement a platform on your website and social networks that will allow travelers to easily select the available rooms and make the payment safely.

The solution for small hotels

LobbyPMS is the preferred software for small hotels in Latin America. Review the advantages and our success stories:

Easy to use

Each functionality is truly intuitive, it does not require weeks of training or extensive manuals. Every new user can learn how to use the small hotel lobbypms software in just a few hours by reviewing our help center and video tutorials.

No contracts

It is not required to sign contracts and no permanence clauses. You only have to accept the terms and conditions of the service and our data protection policy. In just one hour you can configure the PMS platform for small hotels and start implementing it in your business.

Low prices

Our team has developed a powerful and truly accessible technology for everyone. Our vision is to help all the small and medium-sized hotels in Latin America, which is why the reason for our incredible prices.
Bubble Sky Glamping
"We use lobbypms in our glamping and we are very satisfied with the platform. The best part is that it is very easy to use."

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