Software para alojamientos

Lobby es una plataforma web fácil de usar que simplifica la administración de su alojamiento y le ayuda a incrementar las reservas online.

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Lobby works for all types of accommodation: Hotel, hostel, aparthotel, B&B and more

Absolute control of all property operations

Management of accommodation, restaurant, bar, inventories and even tours and transportation services. Accounting reports and business statistics.

Automatic synchronization of reservations portals

Synchronization of portals such as Booking.com, Expedia or Airbnb. Save hours of work by updating the availability of each platform and avoid overbooking.

Direct reservations from the website and social networks.

Visitors to your website or social network can now check availability, view photos of their rooms and confirm a reservation with an online payment.

More than hotel software

We offer a great service to your establishment and you a great service to world travelers. This is a beautiful commitment.

Properties in more than 10 countries

Accommodations of hundreds of cities are already using Lobby. Click on a country to know some.



  • Hotel Laureles Plaza
  • Hotel Tucuraca
  • Hostal Boutique Bourbon
  • Hotel Parque 63


  • Arupo B&B
  • Spondylus Lodge


  • Hotel Angelmontt
  • Arrebol Patagonia Hotel


  • Ostinatto Hostel


  • Candelaria Hostel Yucatán
  • Hotel San Luis

Rep. Dominicana

  • Hotel Real Bella Vista
  • TAU Casa Conde
  • Mon Hotel Boutique
  • Del Mar by Joy


  • Bigfoot Hostel


  • Miramar Surf Camp
  • La Bicicleta Hostal
  • Bigfoot Hostel
  • Hostel Pachamama

Costa Rica

  • Zeneidas Surf Garden


  • Hostel Mamallena
  • Mochila & Art Hostal


  • Aykibom hostel


  • Mucha Masia Hostel

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