Property manager system

Lobby is an easy-to-use web platform that simplifies the administration of your accommodation and helps you increase directs bookings.

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It works for all types of accommodation: Hotels, hostels, apartments, glampings, cabins or vacation rentals

Reservations calendar

Manage your reservations in a simple and fast way with the lobbypms digital calendar. Check the occupation of the accommodation from anywhere and update your rates with a click.

Channel manager system

Save hours of work updating the availability of each platform in an automated way and increase your reservations by publishing all your rooms without fear of overbookings.

Booking Engine

Now visitors to your website or social media can check the availability and rates of the accommodation and make a reservation with 100% secure online payment.

More tools for your business success

Explore all the functions we develop to help you with the growth and control of your accommodation business

Success stories

More than 500 hosting businesses are using LobbyPMS. These are some success stories:

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