Channel Manager

Save hours of work with synchronized updates of your listings across all booking platforms
  • Connect your listings with booking agents and resellers across the world.
  • Rates, availability and changes to reservations are synchronized automatically and in real-time across all agencies.

Ideal for all types of accommodation. Hotels, hostels, apartments, glamping, cabins and vacation rentals

Advertise all your listings at the same time

Now it's easy to publish all the rooms of your listings in each agency online without the worry of overbooking. Lobby updates each booking platform automatically whenever a new reservation is made. Any modifications, cancellations and rate changes are also updated.

Let us assist you 👌

We will help you with the configuration of each online agency that you want to connect with. Learn about all any restrictions and how to process your cancellations correctly.

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Explore all the functions to help you with the growth and control of your accommodation

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