Booking engine

Increase the probability of your listing by promoting and powering direct bookings through your website, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.
  • You can use the booking engine on any device, in multiple languages, and in any currency
  • All reservations are commission-free and are automatically entered into your Lobby calendar.

Ideal for all types of accommodation. Hotels, hostels, apartments, glamping, cabins and vacation rentals

Reservations in just 3 easy steps

Your clients will love this. A friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to make reservations in 3 simple steps. 1- Guests select a room, 2- Add any extra services and 3- Confirm and pay

Customizable interface 🎨

Multiple options to customize the interface with the style of your brand. Add your logo and photos of your listing. Choose from a wide range of colors for the header, buttons and headings.

Commission-free and integration for online payments 💳

All reservations are commission-free and automatically entered into the Lobbypms calendar upon confirmation. Connect easily with platforms such as PayU or PayPal to receive payments.

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Explore all the functions to help you with the growth and control of your accommodation

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