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5 Examples of how to promote a Hotel on Internet

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 27 Apr, 2022

Regardless the type of accommodation you manage, whether it is a large resort, cabins or
a hostel, there is a constant need to attract new clients and make the service provided
more known. For this reason, we bring you examples of how to promote a hotel.

“It is well known that the large luxury hotel and resort chains have large budgets for
marketing and positioning their accommodations, but here we will give you 5 examples of
how to rank a medium or small hotel with digital marketing”

Why is it important to rank your hotel on internet?

Nowadays it is clear that people are eager to travel and see new places, even more after a
season in which they couldn’t leave home. Becoming visible to all these users will be the
key to getting new customers.

The first place where all those people willing to travel will go to look for information about
activities and lodging will be the Internet, this point of reference is the most important
nowadays to publicize and promote your hotel or lodging.

But which are the advantages of promoting my hotel on the internet? These are some of
the main reasons why you shouldn’t leave behind digital platforms to publicize your

It is easily accessible

As we mentioned before, nowadays the internet is so easily accessible to everyone, it is
the first place you go when you need information about anything, as in this case, about
lodging and tourist places.

Multiple resources

The advantage of promoting your hotel on internet is that you shouldn’t limit yourself to a
single resource, since you can find multiple platforms, applications and websites where
you can get your accommodation to appear and position it.
Low costs

Compared to other traditional methods to promote your hotel, the costs are significantly
lower in relation to the reach and impact it has on your potential customers.

Allows you to measure the results

One of the most important advantages of promoting your hotel on internet is that you have
access to the results of the impact that your digital strategy can have.

Digital marketing for hotels

Digital marketing has become an essential tool for all types of hotels, whether large or
small, due to the digitization of the entire process of searching for accommodation and

The internet is a huge showcase of which you can be a part, but all your potential
competitors will be there also, so when the user can change their decision at the last
second of where to complete their reservation, the key will be always to stand out and this
can be achieved with a good digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy for hotels must cover in a cross-sectional way the main
channels in which a user would look for information about travelling, vacations and
experiences; the presence of the brand in multiple channels generates confidence and
security for users.

Some of the platforms where it would be ideal to be present when promoting your hotel or
lodging are the following:
• Instagram
• Facebook
• YouTube
• Metasearch engines
• Your own website

Knowing these platforms where you can promote your hotel, we bring you 5 examples of
how to promote it on each of them.

Example 1: Media advertisement in Google Ads

An example of how to promote your hotel is with Google Ads, this Google paid advertising
platform is the most used search engine in the world, so it is an essential space in which
our hotel should be visible. This ad tool offers a variety of placements, so you need to
strategically choose where you want to have your ads.

Anyone can be looking for your hotel without you realizing it, choose what you want your
potential customers to see when they look up for your accommodation through two
strategies that you can carry out through Google Ads.

Google Search

It is the Google Ads tool that will allow you to position the name of your hotel in a paid way
in the Google search engine, to use it you must choose with which keywords you want to
position your ad so when people search for these words you appear among the first

This tool can be a bit expensive if the marketing budget for your hotel isn’t very high,
competing with large hotels and metasearch engines may sound like a task that costs too

An example of what you can do in Google Search is to pay only for positioning the name of
your hotel, since is possible that other platforms are also doing it as a competition strategy,
in this way you will come out first than these competitors who are usually metasearch
engines and who want to stay at your hotel will make your reservation or query directly
with you.

Google Display

The Google Display Network is a set of more than 2,000,000 websites, videos and
applications where your ads will be shown in banner or video format depending on the
segmentation options you choose, that’s the key to success for these types of campaigns.
When choosing the image or video that those who arrive at the websites where your ad is
will see, make sure that it shows the pleasant and unique experience that can be lived in
the spaces of your lodging, that they inspire to want to know more.

When choosing the locations where to show your ad, use the display network in places
where your potential customers may be, what people who want to visit your city are
looking for or need is something essential to know when choosing the segmentation of
your ad.

For example, those who visit a city will always look for what to do at night or what museums or tourist attractions are there. Locate all these activities in your city and do your segmentation taking into account these preferences and keywords.

Example 2: Social networks

Social networks have become a showcase for people to get closer to see what the experience of staying in an accommodation would be like, having an Instagram account is an excellent option to achieve this goal and show the best of your hotel.

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking that the photos or videos that you upload to your Instagram account must be perfect and show only luxurious aspects, today the humanization of social networks is the key to having successful publications, it shows the differentiating factor of your accommodation and invite those who visit it to upload content and tag you.

A simple example, if the best attribute of your lodging is the location, upload videos and content about how easy it is to get everywhere and about the attractions or restaurants that are close to your area. Instead, if your lodging is away from everything, show the relaxing vibe and the activities that your hotel offers so they want to stay a weekend or more.

Example 3: Your website and search engine positioning

Having a website for any type of lodging or hotel is essential or at least a key part if you
want to have a complete digital marketing strategy. A website can be from a purely
informative page with some photos of the hotel and contact number, until a transactional
website that allows reservations.

A website by itself can pass through search engines without adding anything to sales, the
main key to avoid this is to have everything necessary for search engines like Google to
take it into account. To achieve this several factors must be taken into account:
• Value content
• Good navigation
• Fast charging and smooth operation

By achieving a good positioning of your website in search engines such as Google, you
will be able to have a greater reach organically, more people will reach it and you will even
be able to have inquiries and reservations without an extra investment in ads.

Being visible on Google can be free, optimize your website, create informative and
valuable content that may interest those who are planning to visit your city so that when
they look for travel tips or tourist places you can provide them with quality content.

Example 4: YouTube videos

Creating paid ads on YouTube can be a bit expensive but having a channel and creating
content to showcase your lodging or hotel is an excellent strategy and can be practically

Having a quality video where you show your accommodation will be always useful to link it
to your website and social networks, but also an excellent content option to feed your
YouTube channel is to upload reviews and testimonials from your clients.

This website works like a search engine, even many of us go to YouTube first than going
to Google when we want to know more about a place or product and if you are actively
giving reviews of a good accommodation in the city, you will go a step forward than many
of your competitors.

Example 5: Influencer marketing

Among the marketing strategies that you can apply to your social networks is what is
known as influencer marketing. It consists of making paid or exchange agreements so that
people dedicated to creating content on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube talk about the
product or service.

When our hotel or lodging is new or we are in a relaunch stage, this is an excellent option
since it can give you the visibility that is needed to make the place known among the
influencer’s followers. Photos and videos of a place attract too much attention from
travelers and many can even plan their vacations keeping in mind a photo of a place that
has captivated them.

Analyze well which influencer you want to associate your brand with and remember that it
is often better to have a team of micro-influencers for promotion than just one with many

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