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Pacifico Hostel’ Success Story

By: Lobbypms
Date: 19 Aug, 2021
Pacifico con LobbyPMS
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Pacifico hostel is the result of a group of young Colombians who decided to change their office life for a project next to the Pacific sea and in one of the most beautiful regions that can exist. They are located within the Bahía Málaga National Natural Park and unlike many businesses anywhere, their objective is not only to provide a great experience to all their visitors but also have as their main objective to support the local economy and the environment that surrounds them. How? Through volunteering, buying fish from locals, beach cleaning campaigns, among many other activities.

They have so many things to be aware of, so they only want a simple and fast operation and marketing for their hostel. Hence, since 2017 LobbyPMS is their great partner for everything: Distribute the hotel offer in different sales channels with updated information through our channel manager, have the possibility to create direct booking links with our booking engine, be updated with legal documentation, have taxes updated with electronic invoicing, track travelers’ information, among others. Our job is to support that their main mission is 100% fulfilled, so as always, at LobbyPMS you will find a great ally in each step of growth you take!

🏆Objectives achieved after the LobbyPMS software implementation:

✅ 71% of their reservations do not pay commission to any intermediary.

✅ Pacifico manages around 15 reservation channels. Some reservations are direct and others are connected to sales channels. This is just a demo of the adaptability that LobbyPMS has and that ultimately stands out as one of the main features of the software

✅ Our Channel Manager has allowed us to keep the hotel’s availability updated and with it, an average of 30% in sales through OTAs.

✅ Since its first moment with us, year after year direct bookings have increased considerably. They started in 2017 with 29% of its reservations through the direct channel. However, currently bookings made through our booking engine represent 71% of your total bookings for the year.

✅ Your direct reservations are enabled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

✅ Currently the information is centralized in a single point: information on guests, suppliers, points of sale, etc.

✅ Overselling cases became part of the past.

🎯Some strategies in collaboration with LobbyPMS:

✅ Promote direct sales through social networks.

✅ In collaboration with LobbyPMS, explanatory videos were created on how to book directly through social networks, specifically Instagram

5/5 - (1 vote)

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