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Al Alma Hotel Boutique’ Success Story

By: Lobbypms
Date: 02 Aug, 2021
LobbyPMS y Al Alma
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Born from the renowned Al Alma group, it comes under the same premise of sophistication, internationalization, professionalism and attention to detail. Its main objective is to extend the brand experience to its customers! To achieve this, its boutique hotel has 8 rooms, its own restaurant and a staff that attends to every detail that the guest requires.

In its beginnings, like any new company, its processes were manual and managed with classic tools. However, as the months went by, the processes became more complex and it was necessary to work hand in hand with specialized software. It is here where LobbyPMS comes in to provide great solutions in the administration, organization and operation of the hotel. The before and after the entry into operation of our PMS is clearly marked, obtaining very positive results in the months after the implementation of the Lobby hotel software.

🏆Objectives achieved after the LobbyPMS software implementation:

✅ With less than 1 year of operation, they achieved great efficiency in their online distribution, establishing direct reservations at 97% of the total. They operate with booking.com but this does not represent more than 3% of their reservations.

✅ 61% of your direct bookings are automated through the LobbyPMS booking engine.

✅ Your direct reservations are 24/7, no matter the day and time.

✅ Centralization of information. Now all parties involved in the guest management process have instant access to the same information, from reservation to guest departure.

✅ Overbooking cases became a thing of the past.

✅ Balancing workloads. Since LobbyPMS was activated, staff efforts have been focused on the core of the business: growth opportunities, service and customer experience.

🎯Some strategies in collaboration with LobbyPMS::

✅ Promote direct sales through social networks.

✅ In collaboration with LobbyPMS, explanatory videos were created on how to book directly through social networks, specifically Instagram

✅ With conversations 101, improvement processes are proposed for the hotel’s operation.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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