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All Natural Glamping’ Success Story

By: Lobbypms
Date: 27 Aug, 2021
All Natural Glamping
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If there is something that characterizes All Natural Glamping, it is its tranquility mixed with the nature that surrounds the hotel. Of course, none of this would stand out in the same way if it were not complemented by the spacious, beautiful and unique spaces in each room. Its mission from the start has been to create unforgettable moments for each of the couples and families that visit the place. Just 35-40 minutes from Medellín is located this paradise that promises to “provide the guest with a unique experience in connection with nature.”

All Natural Glamping joined its growth efforts with LobbyPMS in 2019 and since then the results have been very positive. They offer accommodation with their 10 rooms / cabins / spaces and food and drinks to make each guest’s stay much more pleasant. That is why the main use of our software is concentrated on direct sales with the booking engine (available on its website and social networks), control of sales at points of sale, inventories, and of course, all the accounting and legal registration that any lodging must-have.

🏆Objectives achieved after the LobbyPMS software implementation:

✅ Since the arrival of LobbyPMS to the All Natural work team in 2017, direct bookings have increased notably, reaching levels of 85% of the establishment’s total sales.

LobbyPMS allows efficient control of the operation and administration, thus achieving perfect control of high occupancy percentages. These percentages easily exceed the average monthly occupancy of any hotel in Colombia.

✅ An efficient Reservation System like the one in LobbyPMS allows travelers to have hotel information updated and available at any time for all clients. This allows bookings to be made 2, 3, and up to 4 months in advance.

✅ Your direct reservations are enabled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

✅ Currently the information is centralized in a single point: information on guests, suppliers, points of sale, etc.

✅ Overselling cases became part of the past.

🎯Some strategies in collaboration with LobbyPMS:

✅ Personalized advice throughout the implementation of the LobbyPMS system

✅ Through explanatory videos and supported on social networks, a video was published that aimed to explain the reservation process directly with the hotel.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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