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Selfie spots: a cool and simple accommodation trend

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 29 Sep, 2018
Turistas Posando

Selfie spots: a new accomodation trend in the world.

In Lobby PMS we show you one of the strategies to promote the visit of your guests to your business and generate more enjoyable experiences in it.

What to do when your clients every time search for more surprising places with remarkable characteristics that make them feel at home?

This consists to balance these two extremes to get attractive spaces that get stay in the mind of the consumers.

Try to offer to your clients experiences that go with a good service and the commodities that represent your type of accommodation.

Advantages of offering a Selfie Spot

Your posible clients will make a research online of the places in wich they could stay. And beyond of the basic characteristics like the bedrooms or the services, they search for places with spots. There they could portray themselves to generate a beautiful memory to show to others. That’s how the selfie spots will serve as hooks at the moment to choose their desired hotel.

Selfie spots - Lobby PMS
A striking and creative furniture that works like a indoor Selfie spot in Germany.

Hot to get it?

A tiny space who counts with a good lighting, whether natural or artificial. That possesses bright elements like graffiti decorated walls, eyecatching illustrations, neon signs with inspirational quotes or appealing elements like furniture with authentic designs like big decorated mirrors. Or a phone booths, a tiki post, a photo frame, a swing set, green and a colorful background as long as they have coherence with the aestetic of your type of accommodation

Neon lights becomes in a alluring  resource to catch the eye of your clients and to get unique photos.

If you need more inspiration can make the search for the hasthag #selfiespot in networks and even other platforms for the evaluation of hotels where you can find different real cases of how it’s being used by others. Not only in hotels but also in restaurants and bars to see how these ara gaining relevance through this implementation.

Now you know, organize the spaces so you can visualize a memorable, unique photo, difficult to replicate elsewhere. Imagination is the limit and do not forget to remind your visitors to share it by adding the location or the hashtag of your hotel to generate knowledge and promotion of it.

What do you expect to install a selfie zone in your hotel and unleash your imagination?

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