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12 recommendations to promote your hotel, hostel o Airbnb on social media

By: Blog Lobbypms
Date: 21 Jun, 2019
Tips para promocionar el hotel en redes sociales

An article published by the American marketing agency WebFX shows the impact of social networks with respect to worldwide tourism.

This publication stands up a significant influence of people in social networks when are planning a trip. In fact, according to Webfx, 52% of users on Facebook drew inspiration from other friends on this page to planning future trips. So, this is an outstanding way to promote a hotel.

In addition to the above, the investigation mentions that seeking for information about travel, 1 of every 5 people look at social networking platforms to investigate:

  • Tourist destinations: 27%
  • Hotels: 23%
  • Holiday activities: 22%
  • Restaurants:17%

Therefore, develop marketing strategies for positioning your accommodation place in social media becomes a momentous decision to your business.

Now, our 12 recommanations to promote your hotel

From the previous approach to social media, we collect some tips to improve and strengthen your strategies to promote a hotel, hostel or Airbnb

1. Publish fun content.

You will post some pictures to your followers that be interesting and they can react positively sharing your content, making a profit to your account and extending your content to likely potential customers.

2. Show the personality of your business.

Publish content with the inherent value. Create a differential factor that no one else can offer. Besides, your company needs to have an added value making that users can feel comfortable. 

3. Ask questions to your followers.

Look to create conversations using your social networks to interact as they can publish comments or react to pictures and videos.

4. Use photos and videos. 

Although it is the most basic function of social media, users in social networks like to see diversity in the profiles that they follow. The tip is to post real photos of the common areas of your hotel, hostel or Airbnb. Include any areas of special interest such as the rooms, restaurant, spa, bar, etc. If you need to use stock photos, these pages could be helpful for you: Pinterest, Shutterstock, Vilma Nuñez. 

Promote a Hotel - Lobby PMS

5. Create a competition or promotion.

To promote a hotel you can also create discount campaigns or for wining a prize.

One modality of competition or promotion is the famous “giveaway”. This campaigns are very useful when you want to advertise your products or business.

The prize depends on the kind of business. The winner could win a free lodging in your hotel, a free dinner or a free drink in your bar.

When promoting the giveaway across your social media, put some conditions. For example, to mention one or more friends so, if each follower tags one friend, then your followers will grow and more people are going to see and participate in the giveaway.

If your goal is to generate growth in followers, make alliances with people who themselves have large groups of followers, and are influencers over other. So, if they recommend your services, more people will want to acquire it.

Promote a Hotel - Lobby PMS

6. Answer all comments.

Answering all the comments on your social media shows your followers that you care about them and your business. They will love to see that you can take the time to respond to their comments, both positive and negative.

Each comment also creates interactions on your account, which in turn improves its visibility within the social network. Pay special attention to negative comments. Take the time to respond and turn each one into a positive for your business. Remember to be calm and polite and explain the situation from your point of view.

7. Post pictures of your real clients.

Your social media followers and potential clients will like to see photos of your clients due to, that way, be given better credibility.

Let see to your followers the experience of other sharing in your account pictures of satisfied customers. Your followers will be interested in live the complete experiences by themselves in the future. 

8. Post events.

Some social media accounts allow you to post a list of events that you have programmed for the future. Take advantage of this. Your followers will like to stay up to date with what’s happening, and hopefully, they and their friends can join you. Take photos and videos of your events and post them as they occur. Again, remember to encourage interaction with your followers.

9. Show the minimum details to call attention.

Use lights, lamps, details of the bathrooms. Create photos of the rooms from an angle that shows up everything. Take advantage of the decorations, beds, mirrors, swimming pools, etc.

10. Be consistent in every publication.

We recommend you to create a schedule of post where you analyze the most convenient time and days to upload content. You should post minimum 2 or 3 times per week.

11. Use hashtags.

Hashtags are an important way of generating new followers.  Pick hashtags that are relevant to your business and your location. Hashtags that have many posts are more likely to generate more views than those that have very few. 

Don’t use too many, up to around 30 is considered a reasonable amount. To help you out, you can use hashtags generators such as Tagsfinder and Sistrix.

12. Use filters and enhancements.

It will help you to improve your pictures, especially if you want to give a personalized touch to your profile.

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