1. What does it mean that Lobby is a cloud software?

The application works from the internet, you do not have to worry about installations, servers, versions or backup copies, everything is saved and protected in lobbypms.com, to access you only need internet. The Cloud is the safest way to store information, it is much safer than doing it on your computer or in other local media.

2. Is my information secure with Lobby PMS?

Of course, the information you register will only be visible to you and the users to whom you authorize access. The information stored in LobbyPMS is hosted on servers contracts with AMAZON WEB SERVICES and our application complies with high security standards.

3. What features should my computer have?

Lobby works on the Internet, there are no restrictions and you can access from any computer, all you need is an internet connection. You can also use it from your cell phone by entering directly from any browser you use.

4. Can Lobby be adapted to any type of accommodation?

Our platform is totally flexible and has been designed to be implemented in any type of accommodation: hotel, hostel, apartment rental, house rental, hotel chain, cabins, among others.

5. How many establishments can I operate with Lobby? And how many users can I activate for each hotel?

You can work with all the establishments you need, but each establishment will have an associated cost. We will offer you good discounts for your network of establishments. For each account you have, you can create all the users you need. There are no limits for your user list.

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