Reservations Calendar

Interactive calendar to manage reservations, update rates and monitor the property availability.

Check in printing

Print the check-in document with all the information you want from the reservation and from each guest.

Billing and accounts of each guest

History of all extra charges, control of payments made, outstanding accounts, reminder notes and transfers of accounts.

Reservation confirmation email

Send an email to your future guests with all the details of the reservation and important information.

Check in online

Interface that facilitates the check in process of your next guests before arrival at the establishment. Available in Spanish and English.

POS interface

Sales for any type of products or services: Bar, restaurant, tours, laundry, etc. Adaptable for touch screens or tablets.

Inventory control

Total control of all inventories of sales products. Functionality to configure recipes for restaurant or bar products.

Inventories warehouse

Functionality to configure central warehouse with inventory products. Transfer the products to different inventory centers such as bar, reception or restaurant.

Shifts and cash registers control

Registration and control of the closures of each shift. Possibility to configure several cash register, check balances and transfer funds.

Housekeeping and maintenance

Interface to identify rooms that require cleaning. Assignment of chambermaids and blocking of rooms in maintenance.

Customers and suppliers lists

Export and easily import your list of customers and suppliers.

Record purchases and expenses

Record of purchases that automatically update the related inventories. Record of expenses such as public services, rent, employees, among others.

Accounting and statistics reports

Billing reports, taxes, consolidated sales, detailed income and expenses and more. Occupation, ADR and RevPAR statistics.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users for all its administrators and collaborators. Functions to assign permissions and access controls for each type of user.

API development

Integrate your external applications with our developer API. Synchronize reservations, availability, rates and much more.

Offline functionalities

Desktop application, which allows you to view reservations and reports when you have internet disconnection.

Reservation portals synchronization

Synchronization of portals such as, Expedia, Hostelworld or Airbnb.

Chat between administrators and users

Messages and notifications among system users. Ideal for reminders and assignments of tasks.

Booking Engine

Visitors to your website or social networks can view the available rooms and confirm a reservation by making the payment online.

Tours and transportation Management

Interface for sales and programming of tour services or transportation.

CRM Interface

Complete list of guests with their visit history and preferences notes. Functions to send automatic emails of promotions, birthdays or invitations for events.

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