1. Is it necessary to sign a contract to use the service?

To use LobbyPMS you do not have to sign any contract. The law requires us to use terms and conditions of use of the application that are clearly exposed in the system so that users can access to read them easily. When you register your establishment and start using the system it is understood that these terms and conditions are accepted by both parties (the user and LobbyPMS). The Cloud is the safest way to store information, it is much safer than doing it on your computer or in other local media.

2. Is there a permanency clause?

There are no clauses. In LobbyPMS there is only one hiring model where you pay an affiliation or subscription value to enter the platform for the first time and then a monthly fee. Funciona como un sistema de recargas para móviles, es decir, usted puede paga de forma anticipada la cantidad de meses que desea activar la plataforma. Puede ser 1 mes, 2 meses o hasta 12 meses. Como usted desee. Si paga 12 meses tendrá un 10% de descuento sobre la tarifa mensual. Nunca existirá una clausula, si desea dejar de pagar un mes puede hacerlo y volver a pagar cuando quiera para volver a acceder a la plataforma. Si desea puedes descargar su información y darse de baja del sistema.

3. What should I do if a control entity asks me to show a license for LobbyPMS?

In this case, you must indicate that LobbyPMS does not sell licenses and that your company pays for a service in the cloud, framed in terms and conditions that are defined in the platform. Additionally you must show the invoice of your last payment of the service.

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